One of your Maui vacation highlights could very well be a motorcycle or motorbike rental from Aloha Motorsports.
Here’s a little timeline of cultural appreciation to pique your interest:
The Art of Manliness describes the rise of motorbiking in 1960’s Europe like this: “The sleek Italian scooter rider — tight-fitting suit, sunglasses, shaggy hair — became the fashion icon for a burgeoning counter-cultural movement in Great Britain. By the 1960’s, the streets of English cities were streaming with ‘mods’ — disaffected youth decked out in Italian suits riding heavily customized scooters and brawling with motorcycle riders — ‘rockers.’”
While we don’t expect any brawls, rocking a sleek look on the scooter seems like a fun possibility.
Another way to prepare for your Maui vacation memories on two wheels is to do a google image search of scooter riders in India to glimpse the endless options for storage that are available with a scooter rental. You may not need (or be legally permitted) to carry cows or additional family members but other items such as a rack of bananas, golf clubs or boogie boards, might wedge in somewhere just fine.
Happy riding, no matter what look you decide to go for and what cargo you carry.