Compared to all of the other larger islands (Hawaiʻi, Oʻahu, and Kauaʻi), Maui saw the highest increase in visitor arrivals for the month of July 2018.  According to Hawaii Tourism Agency statistics, Maui saw a 12 percent rise in visitor arrivals and an 11 percent rise in visitor spending.   This goes to prove that that the numbers don’t lie, Maui No Ka Oi! (Maui is the best!) We are as proud as ever here at Aloha Motorsports and we are so excited to have you.  We offer rentals of scooters, motorcycles, mopeds, sports cars and the 3-wheeled Slingshot from our locations in Kihei or Lahaina.  Why is Maui the best?? Lets just say the weather is nearly perfect with water temps averaging 80 as well as the air. The rainbows, the clear, blue waters, the whales.  There is a culture here, it’s Hawaii.  Have fun and show respect by going to a Luau, engaging in the Hula, eating some poi or learning a few words and try them out on a local.  Isn’t fun what what we all want!  Feedback from our customers say that renting one of our scooters is more fun and convenient than a car, renting one of our sports cars is more fun than a bargain rental car that everyone has and renting a Harley from us is more fun than any of the above!   Come see us at Aloha Motorsports and we will help show you why Maui is truly the best in many ways, including fun!