Most of you may have heard the entire Hawaiian island chain had a huge hurricane scare recently.  A legitimate storm named Hurricane Lane headed on a track straight for us so most of the islands buckled down for the worse case scenario.   As bad luck would have it early the morning of the supposed hurricane arrival a serious brush fire broke out and threatened the entire town of Lahaina.  In the blink of an eye, the concern went from hurricane to fire!  Rescue crews were quick to act but the hurricane induced winds wreaked havoc and there was no rain to help douse the fire.  Miraculously, the firefighters, first responders and support crew managed to control the blaze from burning the entire town!   When seeing aerial photos it is a feat of bravery, amazement and hard work that they saved most of the homes and structures.  There is literally a burn ring around the town!  A few structures were burned and some farm animals ran loose for a bit but it could have been much, much worse.   We here at Aloha Motorsports want to THANK the firefighters, first responders, Red Cross and anyone and everyone whom helped during these trying times.  In moments like these it only makes a community stronger and Maui will survive and come out on top.  Aloha Motorsports had a good scare but we are back open and welcome you to rent one of our motorcycles, Harleys or sports cars and, with your business, help Lahaina and the whole island rebuild what was taken away.  We forgive you mother earth but please be easy on us and we’ll do the same!