There are many benefits to renting a scooter on Maui. One is definitely traveling carefree and leaving traffic jams behind.

“Traffic on Maui?” you say. “That isn’t the tropical paradise I pictured when I booked my trip.”

Well my friend, the traffic is real, sometimes even on Maui. Every once and a while the road from Kihei to Lahaina is clogged with locals in pickups with pitpulls in back, hippies in their van homes, eco-conscious Prius drivers who strap surfboards on top, tour buses; you name it.

Cars can be great, but if you want to move about quickly and effortlessly then we have the best solution for you.

The answer to this solution is to rent a sleek scooter, preferably from Aloha Motorsports. Feel the gust of the trade winds and even better, glide past any noise and congestion toward your peaceful island getaway.