As evidenced in the news lately, parts of Maui — as well as portions of the other Hawaiian Islands — have experienced a wet and windy end of summer season. It is not unusual for the island chain to get some heavy humidity and warm breezes this time of year due to the increase of storm activity in the Pacific…This year, however, has seemed to be rather unprecedented — at least in terms of more recent history. 

While many tropical storms and hurricanes tend to veer away from or break apart prior to reaching the islands, this year, some bigger storms made their way to Hawaiian shores. Strong winds, big surf and massive quantities of rainwater impacted different sides of various islands over the past several months. Fortunately, residents of Hawai’i took much precaution and were able to maintain safety. With what damage was endured by people and their homes, many neighbors came together in strength, pride and the true ‘ohana spirit to help one another return to pre-storm life and living conditions. 

Here at Aloha Motor Sports, we wish all of our Maui ‘Ohana and our visiting island friends to continue to be safe and smart as the remainder of the stormy season continues. In the days ahead, the forecast reads sunny and clear skies — perfect weather for cruising the roads of Maui in one of our scooters, motorcycles or sports cars! Take advantage of this beautiful “Maui” day and come rent from Aloha Motor Sports!