It’s been a loooong October…And September. And August, July, and June. It’s about that time though! The Sun will stave off behind The West Maui Mountains just a bit longer, the sun will sink behind Lanai, and the nights will drop down to ideal sleeping weather! 

Winter is also a favorite among the surfers on Maui…Here come the days spent paddling and catching waves from sunrise to sunset. 

For many of the business owners of Maui, cooler weather on the Mainland also means a much anticipated surge in customers and guests!

At Aloha Motorsports, it means all of the above! It also signifies perfect cruising weather! The sun’s not quite as hot, the breezes flow more freely, and we’ve got plenty of fun and fast bikes and cruisers to get you moving! Come on down and find out why we have the best Maui Scooter Rentals!

If you live on Maui, you’ve felt it these past few weeks….Glimmers and glimpses into the almighty, revered, and popular Winter months! Come check us out to fully enjoy the season.