Days are getting longer and dryer all over the island, which means one thing for motorbike and motorcycle renters on Maui: time to ride. It’s easy to want to jump on the back of a bike and get out onto the road when the impulse strikes, but experienced riders suggest a little pre-trip preparation. Taking this time to plan your motorbike or motorcycle trip around the island can pay off while in paradise.

1. Plan a lot of down-time in your day. You’ll benefit from not packing your itinerary too tightly with sights. Giving yourself some unplanned hours to enjoy the destinations will help you unwind and enjoy the island.

2. Pack lightly. Pack everything you think you will need for your motorcycle or motorbike tour. Then remove half. Feeling brave? Half that amount. Now you’re probably still well prepared for your trip, as long as you’ve kept in some rain gear and reef-safe sunscreen. There are laundromats all over the island, so if you need clean clothes, you’ll be covered.

3. Stop frequently. Get off the bike every 60 to 90 minutes. Walk, drink water, stretch. You’ll have more stamina to complete the trip and feel good.

Riding experts agree: a leisurely pace is best. If you don’t see everything on Maui by motorbike this time, never fear! You’ll just have to come back and book another trip with Aloha Motorsports to see and experience even more. Happy riding!