Summer has come to an end now that Labor Day weekend now over. For many of us, this means back to school, back to work, and back to normal routines.

But just because the summer is over doesn’t mean the fun has to end. The weather is warm enough to ride a Harley or Scooter on Maui year-round, so if you love to ride, you can still do so!

In fact, the brutal summer temps are starting to give way to cooler days and evenings, so there’s no better time to rent a scooter or motorcycle and cruise on Maui’s legendary roads.

Why not have one last hurrah and spend a day riding before you go get back to your normal routine? Or better yet, why not do so with friends? An end-of-summer day riding up and down Maui’s coast on a scooter or motorcycle is a great way to say farewell to summer.