The Polaris Slingshot is somewhat of anomaly. It looks like a cross between a motorcycle and a custom car – or a reverse trike, so to speak. Motorcycle purists will try to tell you it’s not a motorcycle, because it actually has two bucket seats and seatbelts. Whether you can park it in the motorcycle parking is still up for debate but what is a fact is that this thing is fun!

You definitely get that airy feeling that you do on a motorcycle (which is great on Maui) as well as plenty of torque weighing less than 1800 pounds. Having two wheels in the front makes a wide footprint that creates excellent stability on the windy road to Hana. We have Polaris Slingshots available for rent here at Aloha Motorsports on the Southside in Kihei or the West side in Lahaina. We welcome you to come by and experience one for your first time and you can be the judge whether it’s a motorcycle, car, or a prop from a Mad Max movie!