You already know you’d like to feel the wind as you glide effortlessly across open roads through emerald jungle, cliffside canyon coastline, and turquoise ocean stretching endlessly toward the setting sun.
Now, down to practicalities.

You probably know that fuel costs will be cut in half if you choose a bike or scooter rental on Maui over a car. But a scooter or a motorcycle rental? How does a prospective vacationer choose? Here are a few key points for consideration:
1. A scooter is smaller than a motorcycle. Do you want more steel underneath you, or a more lightweight ride? Smaller wheels make the scooters more nimble at low speeds.

2. Road workout, anyone? On a scooter, you will be seated. On a motorcyle, you will ride in a straddle position, working out the inner thighs a bit more.

3. Automatic transmissions are more common on scooters than on motorcycles. And with manual scooter transmissions, there is a hand shift rather than a foot pedal.
You can’t really go wrong once you’ve done the hard work, which is choosing your vehicle. Paradise awaits.