Besides Harley Davidson’s legendary and iconic reputation, there are other reasons you should rent a Harley from Aloha Motorsports in Kihei or Lahaina on your trip to Maui.

One reason is they are stable. Anyone who’s done some road touring knows how badly light bikes can beat you up or get blown around on the road and you should know Maui has plenty of wind. This weight imposes a performance penalty in terms of how fast they hustle, but what they lack in athleticism is gained in their stable maneuverability. Your hog won’t win you a Superbike race, but it ain’t bad for cruising the island in true style and safety.

Riding a Harley also allows you to rid your mind of stresses. A lot of people have a “happy place” and for many that’s on a Harley. You tend to forget the mundane things that stress you on a regular basis like work, a fight with your spouse, the bills that are due or that conflict at work. On a Harley these issues just get blown away in the wind leaving you lighter and ready for a new Maui adventure. You came to Maui to be stress-free didn’t you?