The only thing that will make your Maui vacation more of an adventure will be your choice of transportation. And what can evoke the nostalgia of the Hawaiian picture postcard past better than the classic Cobra sportscar. First of all, the sun, the ocean breeze, the ukulele serenade from the speakers blending with the scent of salt water and plumeria and the songs of tropical birds. I know. Just stop, you say. It’s like you’ve entered an Elvis or Gidget film already.

If you’ve driven a Cobra, you know the feeling. Freedom, power, and speed from the vehicle seem to enter the driver’s body as if by osmosis. And people can tell. Mad respect when people see the character you’ve chosen to embody on this trip to the islands.

You also know that hug turns, faster acceleration and unparalleled driving control will always make a Cobra car more superior to other “regular” cars.
And, while admiring the ocean waves and fantastic views that Maui has to offer, we don’t blame you if you also want to sneak a peek back toward another gorgeous view: sleek lines, majestic curves, and that Cobra badge on the grille. Just a quick peek.