It’s that time of year again! The holidays are upon us! What a great time of year to spend with family, get together with friends, eat yummy food and get out there and take to the open road!

Here at Aloha Motor Sports! We love the holiday season on Maui! Sometimes, it’s many of our customer’s dream to cruise around the island on a Harley or in a sports car, and we get to help make that dream a reality! What better gift than that?!

The holiday season is also fantastic on Maui because of the weather! Holiday, winter weather means cool breezes and some drops of that magical Maui dew that keeps everything lush and green! The rain showers that come with the winter are typically warm water, never last very long and frequently result in a dazzling rainbow somewhere in the sky! Talk about the perfect time to be on a Harley, scooter or perusing around in a sports car on Maui!

This season, take the time to enjoy and relax…At Aloha Motor Sports, we also recommend coming down and renting one of our luxury sports cars, zippy scooters or famed Harleys to really get you into the Aloha, holiday spirit!