How can you make your Maui memories extra special? By renting a scooter, motorcycle or sports car from us at Aloha Motorsports. Isn’t life about creating lasting memories with family, friends or loved ones? These memories start with your ride. Sure, you can go do what most do when they visit, and go to the basic car rental company and get a car that looks just like everyone else. Take it from a local, you stick out like a sore thumb! Or, you can really create memories and step out of the box – by renting our Cobra sports car! Imagine the top down, rumble under your feet, and wind in your hair.

Want to try something really different? Rent our Slingshot. All of our rentals handle well and more importantly, they are fun! When you combine all of these ingredients, they usually produce memories that you will never forget… and isn’t that what vacations are for?!