There’s hardly a more romantic place to spend Valentine’s Day than on the island of Maui…Perfect weather, dazzling sunsets and whales galore! Might we also add…Endless road for you and your sweetheart to roam for a special getaway!

We invite you and your loved one to celebrate one another by coming down and renting one of Aloha Motorsports many mopeds, motorcycles or specialty cars to really get the love and excitement in the air this Valentine’s Day! We have some of the best motobike rentals on the island and crusing around on them with magical views left and right will be a sure way to make this holiday one you and your significant other will remember for years and years to come!

Think about it…Instead of chocolates, dinner and a movie…Try fresh breezes, sunsets and beach views! Come on down this holiday and have a lovely day (: