If you are on Maui and plan to rent a motorcycle or a Harley-Davidson from Aloha Motorsports, and are wondering what the most beautiful and technical ride would be – well, we have the answer for you!

The Kahekili Highway, a.k.a. Hawaii state highway 340 is a rugged scenic route that extends for sixteen and a half miles along Maui’s north shore from Kapalua to Wailuku. The road is named after the great chief Kahekili, who built houses from the skulls of his enemies. It is undisputedly Maui’s most challenging ride (the only rival is the Road to Hana) that hugs the rugged northern tip of Maui, and offers hairpin turns, one-lane bridges and breathtaking cliffs, waterfalls and ocean views.

Although it’s only a little over sixteen miles long, it can take up to 2 hours to reach Wailuku from Kapalua – be assured, though, that it will be well worth the time and drive! Don’t forget to check the weather and try to plan the trip during the daytime and in nice weather conditions.