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Renting a Harley on Maui or a Scooter on Maui is a day full of adventure that you will not forget! We had so much fun cruising on our scooters.

We rented a Maui scooter on the second day of our stay and got to explore – island style. There were many other motorcycle and scooter rentals enjoying a cruise too. It felt like we were all just one big island scooter team, Giving shakas as we passed each other. It was a ton of fun!

We traveled along the coast, cruised to get some lunch, and stopped at a lot of beaches. Riding a Harley or a scooter rental on Maui made it so much easier and quicker to go where we wanted to. And the view from the drivers seat… it can’t be beat!

Spending time on the scooter made me realize how it is actually a really sensible form of transportation. An Aloha Motorsports scooter rental was affordable to rent, and it barely cost a thing in gas, allowing me to ride all around Maui for cheap, and not to mention parking was a breeze!