Wind in your face, miles of open road ahead, the smell of fresh air…There’s really nothing quite like it in the world! If you appreciate these things, chances are you live a Biker’s Life! There are so many striking and exciting places to cruise on a motorcycle all over the globe. We love to select our travel destinations according to conditions conducive to hitting the open road all day.

Maui is an ideal location for the avid biker. There are lots of long, winding roads, the weather is second to none and the picturesque views will have your senses overloaded! Aloha Motor Sports is Maui’s premiere bike rental spot on the island! We have everything your little motorcyclists heart could ever desire. We have a great selection of Harleys, scooters and everything in fine working order!

Brainstorming a destination for your next motorcycle get away? Think no further past Maui and be sure to check out Aloha Motor Sports and our huge fleet that is ready and waiting to get you out and enjoy the open road, tropical breeze and breathtaking views! We look forward to seeing you! Aloha!