It’s that time of year again! Thanksgiving! It can be easy to get wrapped up in all the feasts, savings, parties, steadily approaching winter weather, and all the other “accouterments” that signify this holiday…While all of these things are great fun, it’s really important to take time to reflect on all we have in life, and in that reflection, let it be known how grateful we are. 

Everything from the little tasks like our neighbor bringing in our trash can or a friend running to the store for you when you’re not feeling so great… To the bigger things like our health or a parent showing you what unconditional love means. It’s always good to slow down and think how many people and actions really impact us regularly and far into the future. 

Here at Aloha Motorsports, we are thankful for the opportunity to work with the purpose of sharing the beauty of Maui with others through the open road. We are grateful to our employees and their honest and dedicated work — our dream couldn’t be a reality without them! We are also thankful to our guests for driving with care and supporting our business. We are proud and grateful to be Maui’s top motorcycle, scooter and sports car Rentals company that’s filled with the ALoha spirit!

This Thanksgiving, stop, take a deep breath and then a long moment or two to get in touch with what you’re most thankful for and then let it be known!

Happy Thanksgiving and Aloha!


It’s been a loooong October…And September. And August, July, and June. It’s about that time though! The Sun will stave off behind The West Maui Mountains just a bit longer, the sun will sink behind Lanai, and the nights will drop down to ideal sleeping weather! 

Winter is also a favorite among the surfers on Maui…Here come the days spent paddling and catching waves from sunrise to sunset. 

For many of the business owners of Maui, cooler weather on the Mainland also means a much anticipated surge in customers and guests!

At Aloha Motorsports, it means all of the above! It also signifies perfect cruising weather! The sun’s not quite as hot, the breezes flow more freely, and we’ve got plenty of fun and fast bikes and cruisers to get you moving! Come on down and find out why we have the best Maui Scooter Rentals!

If you live on Maui, you’ve felt it these past few weeks….Glimmers and glimpses into the almighty, revered, and popular Winter months! Come check us out to fully enjoy the season.


For being a small island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, Maui sure does have a lot of beaches, hiking, restaurants and adventures waiting to be sought. The excitement and fun doesn’t just have to confined to your destinations though! Maui also has a lot to offer in terms of mileage of roadways! 

Extend your adventure from the moment you leave your abode (whether it’s a resort, condo, bed and breakfast or house) all the way to your point of interest! In fact, make the entire day full of many points of interest! The best way of doing this is to enjoy the ride — and the best of doing that is to rent a scooter, motorcycle or sports car from us here at Aloha Motor Sports!

We have the best selection of vehicles to get you moving in style and to ensure you will enjoy every second the day has to offer! Experience the twisting, turning, panoramic road to Hana with the breeze in your hair and salt air on your face! Heading to and from the “other side”? Why not make it an even bigger, better excursion with some added excitement by way of your mode of transport!? Come in to Aloha Motor Sports and take a step toward enjoying your day to the FULLEST!


As evidenced in the news lately, parts of Maui — as well as portions of the other Hawaiian Islands — have experienced a wet and windy end of summer season. It is not unusual for the island chain to get some heavy humidity and warm breezes this time of year due to the increase of storm activity in the Pacific…This year, however, has seemed to be rather unprecedented — at least in terms of more recent history. 

While many tropical storms and hurricanes tend to veer away from or break apart prior to reaching the islands, this year, some bigger storms made their way to Hawaiian shores. Strong winds, big surf and massive quantities of rainwater impacted different sides of various islands over the past several months. Fortunately, residents of Hawai’i took much precaution and were able to maintain safety. With what damage was endured by people and their homes, many neighbors came together in strength, pride and the true ‘ohana spirit to help one another return to pre-storm life and living conditions. 

Here at Aloha Motor Sports, we wish all of our Maui ‘Ohana and our visiting island friends to continue to be safe and smart as the remainder of the stormy season continues. In the days ahead, the forecast reads sunny and clear skies — perfect weather for cruising the roads of Maui in one of our scooters, motorcycles or sports cars! Take advantage of this beautiful “Maui” day and come rent from Aloha Motor Sports!


The Polaris Slingshot is somewhat of anomaly. It looks like a cross between a motorcycle and a custom car – or a reverse trike, so to speak. Motorcycle purists will try to tell you it’s not a motorcycle, because it actually has two bucket seats and seatbelts. Whether you can park it in the motorcycle parking is still up for debate but what is a fact is that this thing is fun!

You definitely get that airy feeling that you do on a motorcycle (which is great on Maui) as well as plenty of torque weighing less than 1800 pounds. Having two wheels in the front makes a wide footprint that creates excellent stability on the windy road to Hana. We have Polaris Slingshots available for rent here at Aloha Motorsports on the Southside in Kihei or the West side in Lahaina. We welcome you to come by and experience one for your first time and you can be the judge whether it’s a motorcycle, car, or a prop from a Mad Max movie!


When you are searching for activities to do while on vacation in our Maui paradise we strongly urge you to think about renting one of our scooters, Harley Davidson’s or super sports cars from Aloha Motorsports in Kihei or Lahaina.  Sure, we are in this business but think about it, can you think of a better way to explore all that Maui has to offer?  Whether you’d like to lean into Hana’s famous curves on our hybrid 3 wheeled Slingshot, explore the moonscapes of Haleakala in a Cobra supercar or jump on one of our scooters for a local snorkel session we know it’ll be a highlight of your vacation.  So, stop or call one of our stores and talk with our friendly, knowledgeable sales staff to set you off an adventure you won’t forget.  

It’s a great plan!


Compared to all of the other larger islands (Hawaiʻi, Oʻahu, and Kauaʻi), Maui saw the highest increase in visitor arrivals for the month of July 2018.  According to Hawaii Tourism Agency statistics, Maui saw a 12 percent rise in visitor arrivals and an 11 percent rise in visitor spending.   This goes to prove that that the numbers don’t lie, Maui No Ka Oi! (Maui is the best!) We are as proud as ever here at Aloha Motorsports and we are so excited to have you.  We offer rentals of scooters, motorcycles, mopeds, sports cars and the 3-wheeled Slingshot from our locations in Kihei or Lahaina.  Why is Maui the best?? Lets just say the weather is nearly perfect with water temps averaging 80 as well as the air. The rainbows, the clear, blue waters, the whales.  There is a culture here, it’s Hawaii.  Have fun and show respect by going to a Luau, engaging in the Hula, eating some poi or learning a few words and try them out on a local.  Isn’t fun what what we all want!  Feedback from our customers say that renting one of our scooters is more fun and convenient than a car, renting one of our sports cars is more fun than a bargain rental car that everyone has and renting a Harley from us is more fun than any of the above!   Come see us at Aloha Motorsports and we will help show you why Maui is truly the best in many ways, including fun! 


Most of you may have heard the entire Hawaiian island chain had a huge hurricane scare recently.  A legitimate storm named Hurricane Lane headed on a track straight for us so most of the islands buckled down for the worse case scenario.   As bad luck would have it early the morning of the supposed hurricane arrival a serious brush fire broke out and threatened the entire town of Lahaina.  In the blink of an eye, the concern went from hurricane to fire!  Rescue crews were quick to act but the hurricane induced winds wreaked havoc and there was no rain to help douse the fire.  Miraculously, the firefighters, first responders and support crew managed to control the blaze from burning the entire town!   When seeing aerial photos it is a feat of bravery, amazement and hard work that they saved most of the homes and structures.  There is literally a burn ring around the town!  A few structures were burned and some farm animals ran loose for a bit but it could have been much, much worse.   We here at Aloha Motorsports want to THANK the firefighters, first responders, Red Cross and anyone and everyone whom helped during these trying times.  In moments like these it only makes a community stronger and Maui will survive and come out on top.  Aloha Motorsports had a good scare but we are back open and welcome you to rent one of our motorcycles, Harleys or sports cars and, with your business, help Lahaina and the whole island rebuild what was taken away.  We forgive you mother earth but please be easy on us and we’ll do the same!


Ok, ok, there are many activities to do on Maui but here are 5 things that you must do.

1. Get in the water. Surf, paddle, snorkel, boogie board.
2. Respect the Hawaiian culture. Luau, Outrigger Canoe ride, Hula Lesson.
3. Eat some poke. Period.
4. Take a boat ride.

Number 5 could easily be the must fun activity you do on your trip to Maui and it is as easy as coming by Aloha Motorsports in Lahaina or Kihei and renting a scooter from us. Our prices are competitive and our fleet is modern, reliable and they are a blast to ride. You will see people renting scooters all over the island it’s a “must do” activity because of the accessibility and ease of driving one, getting around, parking and exploring our beautiful island. So, fill up a backpack with picnic supplies or snorkel gear and take the family, friend or loved on a scooter exploration ride. It should definitely be a number on your Maui activity list!


Electra Glide, Breakout, Heritage Softtail Classic or Street Glide. What’s your choice? This is the stable of Harleys or “hogs” we have for rent here at Aloha Motorsports in Kihei or Lahaina. The Harley Davidson name is synonymous with a sense of historical cool not found in other motorcycles. They are so legendary that even the late Evel Kneivel set his most famous jumps and stunts on a Harley Davidson XR-750.

Now, be aware that altogether Evel broke 35 to 40 bones during his career so we don’t want you to be jumping Haleakala Crater on one of our rental Harleys, but you’ll be riding a solid piece of machinery with the most famous name in the motorcycle industry for a very long time. Come by or contact us here at Aloha Motorsports, rent one of our motorcycles and see why Harley Davidson came up with the slogan, “Only a biker knows why a dog sticks his head out the window.”