We love celebrating every chance we can get at Aloha Motorsports! We love St. Patrick’s Day too and how it highlights and celebrates the history of the diverse backgrounds that have come to our country, contributed to our society and worked toward their dreams. St. Patrick’s Day is geared toward the Irish faction that make up America, but the meaning and reasoning behind it can be applied to many people and areas of life.

We think the perfect way to celebrate anything, is by getting out on the open road and feeling the fresh air, warm sun and overwhelming sense of freedom. Come on down to Aloha Motorsports and rent a top-notch Harley Davidson motorcycle and celebrate this St. Patrick’s Day in true style and class. Cruise north toward Honolua Bay and take to the exhilarating twists and turns of the road and breathtaking views of Maui’s most intense valleys and red dirt! Head south to Makena for some truly rugged and raw landscapes accompanied by overwhelmingly beautiful sandy beaches!

Anywhere you choose to go, this St. Patrick’s Day is sure to be a blast when you get out on one of our Harley Davidson bikes. Come on over today and get to celebrating! Happy St. Patrick’s Day!


Happy March from all of us here at Aloha Motorsports! The whales are taking their last tours around the island, spring flowers are in bloom and the days are getting longer! Can you think of a better time to get out there and rent one of our amazing bikes, scooters or sports cars?

The perfect vehicle to take to the open road during this time of year is the infamous Polaris Slingshot! It’s such an exotic, fun and zippy car that will get you from all the best spots in Maui in style! These beauts are a perfect crossover between a motorcycle and the Bat Mobile! Fun and safe to drive, but quick and sporty at the same time! Not to mention – they are convertibles! What better way to enjoy the spring Maui weather than to rent and wheel around in of of Polaris Slingshots?! We are confident you’ll have the best time and want to rent again and again!

Get out and enjoy the beautiful Maui spring! Aloha Motorsports is here to help you ride it out to the fullest with our fast, furious and fantastic Polaris Slingshots…Stop in today and take one out for a spin to see for yourself!


At Aloha Motorsports, we love when we hear our guests have had the time of their lives on one of our Maui moped, Harely or scooter rentals. We love even more when our guests return, year after year, to rent from us!

Aloha Motorsports was started to share a joy and passion for the open road and for the magical views and adventures that await on Maui. We pride ourselves on having the best quality motorcycle rentals, scooter rentals and sports car rentals on the island. We want you to have the best day of vacation while you’re renting from us and come back for more any time you’re in town!

The best compliment we receive is when we have the privledge to welcome back familiar faces and get them back out on the open road! Never rented a bike from us before? Come check it out! Been out with one of our rentals? Come on back and see what’s new in our fleet! Aloha and Mahalo!


There’s hardly a more romantic place to spend Valentine’s Day than on the island of Maui…Perfect weather, dazzling sunsets and whales galore! Might we also add…Endless road for you and your sweetheart to roam for a special getaway!

We invite you and your loved one to celebrate one another by coming down and renting one of Aloha Motorsports many mopeds, motorcycles or specialty cars to really get the love and excitement in the air this Valentine’s Day! We have some of the best motobike rentals on the island and crusing around on them with magical views left and right will be a sure way to make this holiday one you and your significant other will remember for years and years to come!

Think about it…Instead of chocolates, dinner and a movie…Try fresh breezes, sunsets and beach views! Come on down this holiday and have a lovely day (:


…When you’re having fun! Here at Aloha Motorsports, we are all about a good (and safe) time! Maui offers an endless array of beaches, hikes, views and adventure! We think there is no better way to get to and from each magical experience than by way of motorbike! That way, not only will your destinations be unforgettable, but your journey getting there too.

At Aloha Motorsports, we have the best selection of Maui moped rentals, Harley rentals and sports car rentals on the island! We have a wide selection that is maintained very professionally and some of the best staff to make sure you see all the best spots on the island and stay safe.

Come on down to Aloha Motorsports during your next vacation to Maui…Don’t be susprised if time flies! Aloha!


If you’ve been to Maui, chances are good that you’ve made the pilgrimage to Hana as well. If you’ve not visited the beautiful island yet, chances are you’ve heard of the wonderland that is the Eastside of the island…

With countless twists and turns, bridges galore and endless lookouts that will take your breath away, the road to Hana is truly magical! At Aloha Motorsports, we highly recommend coming in and taking a look at one of our many Maui Harley rentals and taking to the Hana Highway! Being on the road to Hana on a Maui Harley rental really gives you the opportunity to fully engage and experience the voyage over to the Eastside.

If you’re coming to Maui and have plans to travel to Hana, consider making the trip all the more memorable and exciting by cruising in style on a Maui Harley rental! We will get you all set up with the perfect Harley bike, tips and tricks on where to go and places to be sure to stop at and lots of safety gear and information. Your Harley Hana adventure will surely be one you won’t soon forget!


Is there anything better than the warm Maui wind in your face, the fresh salt air all around and a beautiful Maui Harley rental bike whisking you away to one beautiful beach after the next??? Sound like a dream? Well, it doesn’t have to be! Come make it a reality by coming over to check out our vast selection of Maui Harley rentals as Aloha Motorsports!

We love Harleys just as much as anyone and it shows in our well maintained and wide variety of Harley motorcycles. Our well-seasoned staff can assist you in selecting the perfect motorcycle for you and give you lots of good ideas for where to cruise to allover Maui!

At Aloha Motorsports, we love Maui and we love Harleys! We’ve made our two favorite things come together and would love to share with you during your next visit to the island! Swing on by and get ready for an adventure of a lifetime! We can’t wait to get you on the road! Aloha!


Maui offers lots of adventure and opportunities to explore and have fun! With the beautiful vistas, miles of winding roads and sunny, warm weather, Maui is the best place to get out there on a Harley Davidson Motorcycle!

Aloha Motorsports is home to the best selection of Harleys available to rent on Maui! Our Maui Harley rentals are in tip-top shape and range greatly in style and size so there is something for every Harley enthusiast!

We take great pride in our Maui Harley rentals and in making sure all of our customers have a safe, relaxing and enjoyable adventure while out on the open Maui roads! Come by today to check out our fleet of Maui Harleys…You will be in for a real treat!


Hauʻoli makahiki hou! Or Happy New Year to everyone from all of us here at Aloha Motorsports!

Wow! Time sure does fly when you’re having fun! 2018 seemed to flash by in the blink of an eye! It was a fantastic year for many reasons and we would especially like to give a big mahalo to all our customers, staff and family and friends of Aloha Motorsports! We love and appreciate you all!

We can’t think of a better way to say Aloha to 2018 and ring in 2019 than to be out on our bikes, enjoying all that Maui has to offer! Can you think of a better way to spend January 1st, 2019 than be on a Harley Davidson, scooter or one of our other fancy sports cars cruising around Maui…Beach hopping…Chasing the sun…Or enjoying the sunset?

Start the new year off right by renting from Aloha Motorsports. Your bike or car will be sure to bring you to some unforgettable adventures! We look forward to seeing you in the New Year!


It’s that time of year again! The holidays are upon us! What a great time of year to spend with family, get together with friends, eat yummy food and get out there and take to the open road!

Here at Aloha Motor Sports! We love the holiday season on Maui! Sometimes, it’s many of our customer’s dream to cruise around the island on a Harley or in a sports car, and we get to help make that dream a reality! What better gift than that?!

The holiday season is also fantastic on Maui because of the weather! Holiday, winter weather means cool breezes and some drops of that magical Maui dew that keeps everything lush and green! The rain showers that come with the winter are typically warm water, never last very long and frequently result in a dazzling rainbow somewhere in the sky! Talk about the perfect time to be on a Harley, scooter or perusing around in a sports car on Maui!

This season, take the time to enjoy and relax…At Aloha Motor Sports, we also recommend coming down and renting one of our luxury sports cars, zippy scooters or famed Harleys to really get you into the Aloha, holiday spirit!