Is there anything better than the warm Maui wind in your face, the fresh salt air all around and a beautiful Maui Harley rental bike whisking you away to one beautiful beach after the next??? Sound like a dream? Well, it doesn’t have to be! Come make it a reality by coming over to check out our vast selection of Maui Harley rentals as Aloha Motorsports!

We love Harleys just as much as anyone and it shows in our well maintained and wide variety of Harley motorcycles. Our well-seasoned staff can assist you in selecting the perfect motorcycle for you and give you lots of good ideas for where to cruise to allover Maui!

At Aloha Motorsports, we love Maui and we love Harleys! We’ve made our two favorite things come together and would love to share with you during your next visit to the island! Swing on by and get ready for an adventure of a lifetime! We can’t wait to get you on the road! Aloha!


Maui offers lots of adventure and opportunities to explore and have fun! With the beautiful vistas, miles of winding roads and sunny, warm weather, Maui is the best place to get out there on a Harley Davidson Motorcycle!

Aloha Motorsports is home to the best selection of Harleys available to rent on Maui! Our Maui Harley rentals are in tip-top shape and range greatly in style and size so there is something for every Harley enthusiast!

We take great pride in our Maui Harley rentals and in making sure all of our customers have a safe, relaxing and enjoyable adventure while out on the open Maui roads! Come by today to check out our fleet of Maui Harleys…You will be in for a real treat!


Hauʻoli makahiki hou! Or Happy New Year to everyone from all of us here at Aloha Motorsports!

Wow! Time sure does fly when you’re having fun! 2018 seemed to flash by in the blink of an eye! It was a fantastic year for many reasons and we would especially like to give a big mahalo to all our customers, staff and family and friends of Aloha Motorsports! We love and appreciate you all!

We can’t think of a better way to say Aloha to 2018 and ring in 2019 than to be out on our bikes, enjoying all that Maui has to offer! Can you think of a better way to spend January 1st, 2019 than be on a Harley Davidson, scooter or one of our other fancy sports cars cruising around Maui…Beach hopping…Chasing the sun…Or enjoying the sunset?

Start the new year off right by renting from Aloha Motorsports. Your bike or car will be sure to bring you to some unforgettable adventures! We look forward to seeing you in the New Year!


It’s that time of year again! The holidays are upon us! What a great time of year to spend with family, get together with friends, eat yummy food and get out there and take to the open road!

Here at Aloha Motor Sports! We love the holiday season on Maui! Sometimes, it’s many of our customer’s dream to cruise around the island on a Harley or in a sports car, and we get to help make that dream a reality! What better gift than that?!

The holiday season is also fantastic on Maui because of the weather! Holiday, winter weather means cool breezes and some drops of that magical Maui dew that keeps everything lush and green! The rain showers that come with the winter are typically warm water, never last very long and frequently result in a dazzling rainbow somewhere in the sky! Talk about the perfect time to be on a Harley, scooter or perusing around in a sports car on Maui!

This season, take the time to enjoy and relax…At Aloha Motor Sports, we also recommend coming down and renting one of our luxury sports cars, zippy scooters or famed Harleys to really get you into the Aloha, holiday spirit!


Wind in your face, miles of open road ahead, the smell of fresh air…There’s really nothing quite like it in the world! If you appreciate these things, chances are you live a Biker’s Life! There are so many striking and exciting places to cruise on a motorcycle all over the globe. We love to select our travel destinations according to conditions conducive to hitting the open road all day.

Maui is an ideal location for the avid biker. There are lots of long, winding roads, the weather is second to none and the picturesque views will have your senses overloaded! Aloha Motor Sports is Maui’s premiere bike rental spot on the island! We have everything your little motorcyclists heart could ever desire. We have a great selection of Harleys, scooters and everything in fine working order!

Brainstorming a destination for your next motorcycle get away? Think no further past Maui and be sure to check out Aloha Motor Sports and our huge fleet that is ready and waiting to get you out and enjoy the open road, tropical breeze and breathtaking views! We look forward to seeing you! Aloha!


“The air was soft, the stars so fine, the promise of every cobbled alley so great, that I thought I was in a dream.” — Jack Kerouac

What a magical scenario! Here on Maui, there are plenty of unbelievable scenes to insert yourself into to make you wonder if you’re dreaming! One of the best ways to go about making this happen is to come check out Aloha Motorsports. Once you grab ahold of your dream bike, head on out to one of the many beaches or lookouts for sunset and prepare to be dazzled! Get rolling and head out to Hana for waterfalls and rainbows galore! Cruise down Front Street and get a whiff of the freshest seafood your tastebuds can imagine! The possibilities are endless…

When you’re on Maui, there is so much to take advantage of and one surefire way of doing that to the fullest is by getting out there and going with one of the finest Maui Harley rentals from Aloha Motorsports…Come check us out and Live the dream!


It’s that time of year again! Thanksgiving! It can be easy to get wrapped up in all the feasts, savings, parties, steadily approaching winter weather, and all the other “accouterments” that signify this holiday…While all of these things are great fun, it’s really important to take time to reflect on all we have in life, and in that reflection, let it be known how grateful we are. 

Everything from the little tasks like our neighbor bringing in our trash can or a friend running to the store for you when you’re not feeling so great… To the bigger things like our health or a parent showing you what unconditional love means. It’s always good to slow down and think how many people and actions really impact us regularly and far into the future. 

Here at Aloha Motorsports, we are thankful for the opportunity to work with the purpose of sharing the beauty of Maui with others through the open road. We are grateful to our employees and their honest and dedicated work — our dream couldn’t be a reality without them! We are also thankful to our guests for driving with care and supporting our business. We are proud and grateful to be Maui’s top motorcycle, scooter and sports car Rentals company that’s filled with the ALoha spirit!

This Thanksgiving, stop, take a deep breath and then a long moment or two to get in touch with what you’re most thankful for and then let it be known!

Happy Thanksgiving and Aloha!


It’s been a loooong October…And September. And August, July, and June. It’s about that time though! The Sun will stave off behind The West Maui Mountains just a bit longer, the sun will sink behind Lanai, and the nights will drop down to ideal sleeping weather! 

Winter is also a favorite among the surfers on Maui…Here come the days spent paddling and catching waves from sunrise to sunset. 

For many of the business owners of Maui, cooler weather on the Mainland also means a much anticipated surge in customers and guests!

At Aloha Motorsports, it means all of the above! It also signifies perfect cruising weather! The sun’s not quite as hot, the breezes flow more freely, and we’ve got plenty of fun and fast bikes and cruisers to get you moving! Come on down and find out why we have the best Maui Scooter Rentals!

If you live on Maui, you’ve felt it these past few weeks….Glimmers and glimpses into the almighty, revered, and popular Winter months! Come check us out to fully enjoy the season.


For being a small island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, Maui sure does have a lot of beaches, hiking, restaurants and adventures waiting to be sought. The excitement and fun doesn’t just have to confined to your destinations though! Maui also has a lot to offer in terms of mileage of roadways! 

Extend your adventure from the moment you leave your abode (whether it’s a resort, condo, bed and breakfast or house) all the way to your point of interest! In fact, make the entire day full of many points of interest! The best way of doing this is to enjoy the ride — and the best of doing that is to rent a scooter, motorcycle or sports car from us here at Aloha Motor Sports!

We have the best selection of vehicles to get you moving in style and to ensure you will enjoy every second the day has to offer! Experience the twisting, turning, panoramic road to Hana with the breeze in your hair and salt air on your face! Heading to and from the “other side”? Why not make it an even bigger, better excursion with some added excitement by way of your mode of transport!? Come in to Aloha Motor Sports and take a step toward enjoying your day to the FULLEST!


As evidenced in the news lately, parts of Maui — as well as portions of the other Hawaiian Islands — have experienced a wet and windy end of summer season. It is not unusual for the island chain to get some heavy humidity and warm breezes this time of year due to the increase of storm activity in the Pacific…This year, however, has seemed to be rather unprecedented — at least in terms of more recent history. 

While many tropical storms and hurricanes tend to veer away from or break apart prior to reaching the islands, this year, some bigger storms made their way to Hawaiian shores. Strong winds, big surf and massive quantities of rainwater impacted different sides of various islands over the past several months. Fortunately, residents of Hawai’i took much precaution and were able to maintain safety. With what damage was endured by people and their homes, many neighbors came together in strength, pride and the true ‘ohana spirit to help one another return to pre-storm life and living conditions. 

Here at Aloha Motor Sports, we wish all of our Maui ‘Ohana and our visiting island friends to continue to be safe and smart as the remainder of the stormy season continues. In the days ahead, the forecast reads sunny and clear skies — perfect weather for cruising the roads of Maui in one of our scooters, motorcycles or sports cars! Take advantage of this beautiful “Maui” day and come rent from Aloha Motor Sports!